Southern Comfort

Good & Pleasant's owner and founder, Krishana Pleasant, is responsible for recipe development. Krishana's maternal great-grandmother (Lillie Pearl) and paternal grandmother (Elvira) have had the most influence on her recipes. Krishana founded Good & Pleasant with the idea that gluten free desserts can taste as good as her grandmothers' and evoke classic Southern comfort.

Krishana explains: "They both moved from the rural South (Mississippi and Virginia, respectively) during the Great Migration bringing their classic southern recipes with them. When I close my eyes and dream of the sights, smells, sounds, and mouthfeel of good pastries I am dreaming of them. How they could bring the family together, and fill a home with love and the sweet aroma of sweet potato pie, vanilla cake with chocolate icing, and cast-iron skillet corn bread. Lawd have mercy, they could throw down in the kitchen!”

 Lillie Pearl Jackson (bottom right; maternal great-grandmother).


 Elivra Pleasant (paternal grandmother).