Classic Southern Flavor. Gluten Free.

Good & Pleasant's founder, Krishana Pleasant, is responsible for recipe development. Krishana's maternal great-grandmother (Lillie Pearl) and paternal grandmother (Elvira) have had the most influence on her recipes. Krishana founded Good & Pleasant with the idea that gluten free desserts can taste as good as her grandmothers' and evoke classic Southern flavor.

Lillie Pearl (bottom right), Krishana's maternal great-grandmother, influenced her love for feeding and nourishing people. "Momma," as Lillie Pearl was affectionately known, prepared a top notch soul food feast every Sunday. Everyone was welcome.

Krishana explains: Both grandmothers moved from the rural South (Mississippi and Virginia, respectively) during the Great Migration bringing their classic southern recipes with them. When I close my eyes and dream of the aroma of soul food I am dreaming of them. Their passion for bringing the family together, and how they could fill a home with love and the scent of down home tasting desserts. They could throw down in the kitchen!   

Elvira, Krishana's maternal grandmother, inspired her passion for baking. Elvira was "Mommy" to 12 and she loved making them happy. At Thanksgiving gatherings she would give each of her children an apple or sweet potato pie made with love.